We Like Each Other Yet She Doesn't Want To Date Me...what Do I Do?

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Plz fellow forumites...there's dis lady I met in my PPA where I serve...we've been working together for some months now...we fund of each other,I like her so much and I fink she likes me too...even @ work she's always talking to me,hold my hands and stuffs like dat...@ break time we always together and pple fink we already dating...I told her abt my ex how she broke my heart and she encouraged me to move on wit my life...she also gave me indications dat she's single though she said she's dating a guy she never said yes to for abt 7 yrs but she don't love himand she's broken up wit d guy several times and dis guy keeps coming to beg her and they always fix fins up and all...I realise my feelins for dis girl become stronger day by day and one day I took a bold step to ask her out on BB cuz I couldn't even face her to tell her cuz of d unknowns....but her response was shocking...she said she's surprised am asking her out cuz she wasn't xpecting it from me and all...she said she only want to take me as a friend,

a very gud one she can confide in, a best friend and all...I was so disappointed in myself....I really really like dis girl and she told me she likes me too but she doesn't want to date me even if she's not into any committed relationship....after all said and done she still won't stop talking to me, looking into my eyes,calling me on fone,come to my house,cuddle me up wit hugs and all....she said she doesn't want to break my heart dat she can't just opt out of d relationshipshe's into cuz d guy hasn't done anyfin wrong to her even if she doesn't really like d guy....plz I need ur advice...is she hiding her feelings for me or she just want us to be friends....cuz I fink my relationship wit her @ d moment is more than just friends....do u fink she will agreeto date me wit time if I cool down or should I just forget abt her and don't remind her of my proposal? plz I await ur response....its urgent...fanx alot



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