This Girl Was Abandoned By Her Father. What She Told Her Mom Is A Lesson For Everyone

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The importance of forgiveness is huge, although it’s not always easy to do. Even a sworn enemy deserves to be forgiven, because all the negativity a person stores inside, strikes no one but them. This girl’s story may seem unreal to someone, but it’s the plain truth.

“Now, my daughter is 11. She hasn’t seen her father for 7 years. The last time we met when my daughter was 2 years old. He asked whether it was possible to renounce parental rights and not pay us alimony. I agreed … I wanted to protect my baby from unnecessary suffering. Probably, it’s a small contribution to lack of pain and frustration. Daughter knew who her dad was and why he didn’t live with us. I’ve never tried to come up with a nice story to make him look better in her eyes. When she was 4, we suddenly found out that my ex-husband had cancer. My daughter and I agreed to see him in the park. Although he asked for a couple of hours, twenty minutes turned to be enough. And then he disappeared.

Somewhere a year later, our friend told that he had another family and children. That shocked me a bit. My daughter heard that conversation…We got in the car, and she was so calm! Know what she told me?

“It’s great, mom! Dad has finally learned what makes a father. I’m so happy for his children…”

And that went instead of grievances, tears and anger. Instead of all that hunted me for so long! It was then, when my daughter’s words showed me what forgiveness is about! ”

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