Her Vagina Has Become As Wide As An Expressway And Sidechicks Are Expensive

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Hello madam Laila.

Please i want to be anonymous. I will go straight to the point. ever since my wife gave birth 5 months ago, our sex life has become very boring. she never initiates sex like before and her holy of holies has become something else. I no longer feel anything when we have sex these days and the thing just gets so watery and makes annoying sloppy sounds that i often times have to think of my side chicks breasts before I can even release or even maintain my erection.

The first baby we had was not like this, her body recovered in about 2-3 months and the tightness was there but now i don't even know when i penetrate her. even making love has become so boring to the extent that If i don't think of another woman, i will just lose my erection and its becoming a frequent occurrence and i am not comfortable.

I see myself cheating on her more and more these days and it is not right but i dont know what else to do. I love sex and deep down i dont like hurting or cheating on my wife but am helpless, i really love my wife cos she stood by me when i was down but i don't get satisfied with her sex these days. I have tried giving her clues and tips like kegel and using squats but its not working. the place is still as wide as an express walkway.

The only way i cope is to tell her to close her leg up when we are having sex and i am ontop  so no more doggy, or placing her legs on my shoulder when going down. The biggest problem is that it hurts her when i give her hints that I am not enjoying the whole thing anymore. she becomes sad and withdrawn.

Please, I want ideas on how to regain my sex life back because to maintain side-chicks these days is rather expensive considering the state of the economy. You pay hotel bill 7k and will buy the chick food and drink for about 2k and still settle the babe with 5k plus 1k to fuel car...its almost 15k for a sex trip and i cant continue to spend this type of money 2 times every week.

Please how do i handle this and please this is not for everybody's consumption. only matured people who understands my predicament should advise appropriately.



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