How Ponzi Scheme Nearly Ruined My Life And Made Me Lose Over N2million

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A Nigerian online marketer, Adesanya Sunday Abiodun has recounted how he lost over 2 million naira last year through various forms of ponzi schemes. 

Adesanya regrets his acts and swears he'll never do ponzi schemes again. Read what he shared below:How Ponzi Scheme Nearly Ruin My Life and Made Me To Lost Big In the Year 2016The total amount of money lost in year 2016 is #2,679,000Here Is how I lost them 1. In June 2016, Paypal freezed my $3600 (the present currency value then was 280/$). They banned me because i always changĂ© my account's email address, so they penalized me and freezed my account for 180days. After the 180days, that is six (6) months, I tried to withdraw the money but i couldnt, even when they insisted that I must withdraw it to my bank account, i tried, all to no avail. It all failed! But note - PayPal not a Ponzi but can send someone back to village if care is not taken 2. In October 2016, I lost $1000 (Currency value then was 530/$ ) I invested in Ponzi scheme which a friend here introduced me to; MMMunited. I initially contributed $200 worth of bitcoin to the platform, when I saw proof of their payment I invested another $1000 with them, after paying the money to them, unfortunately,my internet subscription expired, and i was not in a placĂ© where i can stack back back my data subscription, my ATM not with me, there office closed etc. So there was Nothing i can do then and there. The next day, i hurriedly went back and subcribed my internet. To my surprise, they restricted me from the system. I tried all i could, but there was nothing I could do about it. $1000 lost just like that. I kept it to myself. 3. The same October i lost $500 (the present currency value then is 540/$) A friend here which happen to be somebody I respected so much and I will continue to respect him till the end of time, introduce me to HR (Helping Revolution). He told me they are very trustworthy and excellent. That I can invest in bitcoin to double and withdraw it in 7days after investment. So because of the trust and respect I have for him i agreed to invest with them. Following that, I bought bitcoin worth $500 at the rate of 540/$, and I contributed the cash to the HR. After 2days of my investment with HR, they turned to scammers and vanished into thin air with my money.

I couldnt believe this. But thats my story

Life goes on. 4. $700 November 2016 (Currency value then is 530/$) I lost it to mmmsouthafrica. A friend here on Facebook, introduced me to this site called, He advised me to put cash in it, and I will get 150% of my capital back in under 9days, as a sharp person, I contributed $700 worth of bitcoin to this Ponzi scheme, even my friend CHIDIEBERE warned me against it, but i didnt listen to him, being a big time risk taker.

At the ninth day, i was due to cash out. Unfortunately again when i try to log in, the web link kept redirecting me to Godaddy website, which means the site has been disconnected. Therefore my money lost with it. AGAIN 5. Last venture - MMM Nigeria, I choose to contribute cash on mmm August with the entirety of 200k, I contribute this cash, and with God, I got the cash and my benefits in it.

In November, I decided to PH 500k into the MMM Ponzi Scheme. Now come December 2016. I was supposed to GH on Thursday, but due to the fact that i want my mavro to grow more i decided to GH the following week tuesday. UNFORTUNATELY

At the night/midnight of Monday and Tuesday, MMM Nigeria solidify everyone Account from getting help, this is how i lost my #500k. In conclusion, I lost all this money last year between October to November which is like 3 months ago I decided not to talk or even mentioned all the name of people that introduce me to the Ponzi scheme business. Instead, I see it as a game of risk.

Another thing is, I never feel that I lost any money online. Because I am mature, I am not a Lazy Man that loss without getting it back, Why am I writing all this To demonstrate to you that, regardless of the possibility that you lost trust and think you can never stand again, Please, drive yourself to the top back, ensure you stand and overcome your worries I give God the glory, how he always transform my life for Good, I work so hard, and I make sure I change my story for Good Today, I inhabit the best place, I eat what I need, and I do what make me happy without looking for third parties. Help yourself out today, and I guarantee how your life will most likely change for Good

Imagine seeing a company ready to be giving you Millions of Naira monthly for 36mnths, How are you going to feel? I believe you will always feel good. This is my level now, Am in a level of Millions with FLP monthly I promise never to do any Ponzi Scheme again

Be Positive

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