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Our coverage of the

Oscar Pistorius

murder trial, taking place at the North

Gauteng High Court, continues here. Get

Friday's updates





10:13 - PB now reading from his


10:11 - BR now going through statement

PB made to police. PB recalls making


10:10 - PB wants to know why OP didnt

call security initially and why he didn't use

his alarm system if he thought there was

an intruder.

10:08 - If I accepted OP's word that every

was fine, what would have happened

then, asks PB.

10:05- PB: I called OP, he told me

"everything is fine", but I could hear he

was crying and the line went dead.

Seconds later, OP called me back.

10:04 - BR says OP called Baba before

he arrived at house. If OP called me first, I

would have known something was

wrong at his house, says PB.

10:03 - PB: I'm not sure of OP's phone


10:02 - BR asks that evidence which

contains phone numbers not be made

available to the public.

10:00 - BR is producing a chart of phone


9:58 - BR says records show OP called

security first.

9:56 - BR tells PB: His call was first and

yours was second. PB says it's obvious

"our times are not the same".

9:55 - PB: My lady, I phoned OP first.

Then he called me back. It's true, he had

been crying.

9:54 - Roux says call was made by OP

from his cellphone to security at 03:21.33,

was 9 seconds, he could not speak, only


9:53 - Stipp had earlier said he didn't get

through to security the first time. Roux

says phone records show he did.

9:52 - BR: Are you positive you spoke to

Stipp? PB: I spoke to Stipp and


9:51 - BR shows two calls from another

witness Mr Nhlengethwa... PB confirms


9:50 - PB agrees with time of call and that

Stipp made call.

9:48 - Resident (who was on witness

stand last week) Johan Stipp made call to

security at 03:15.51, says BR. Stipp told

security he heard gunshots, says BR.

9:47 - Roux presents a document

obtained from the SAPS - calls received by

security on its landline.

9:46 - OP's coach Ampie Louw is in court


9:45 - BR asks PB about calls made to

security by OP (Pistorius).

9:44 - Roux (BR) starts cross-

examining Pieter Baba (PB).

9:44 - Judge also orders that no picture of

objecting witnesses (who are not public

figures) can be published for duration of


9:43 - Judge Masipa grants court order

allowing print media to publish photos of

witnesses who are public figures once

they have finished evidence.

9:41 - Print media prohibited from

publishing photos of witnesses

irrespective of source.

9:41 - Duty to protect witnesses until end

of trial, says judge.

9:40 - Judge says character of two

witnesses attacked in social media after

taking stand.

9:39 - Court has duty to respect

witnesses' dignity and privacy, says judge


9:37 - Order regards witness images

being used by media.

9:36 - And we've started. Judge

Masipa is granting an order...

9:33 - Pieter Baba is already in the witness


9:30 - More politicians are in court today.

Some members of the African Christian

Democratic Party are sitting with some

friends of Reeva Steenkamp. Some ANC

Women's League members are there too.

Some might call this electioneering. Others

might call it politicians being concerned.

Who knows...

9:27- Counsel have arrived. Barry Roux

and Gerrie Nel are having a quick chat.

9:26 - Some reporters are less excited to

be at court today...

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