One Faithful Day,Jesus Was Accompanied By His Twelve Desciple

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One faithful day, Jesus

was accompanied by his

twelve disciples who

were going around

doing miracles and

preaching the gospel.

They got to a point

where the disciples were

tired and hungry, so

Jesus told them to pick

some stones that were

laid on the floor. Judas

being who he was

picked up the smallest stone. On

seeing this, Jesus turned

the stones into bread for

them so therefore Judas

got the least.(smallest)

On the next day, they

were going about their

normal business and

they got tired again,

Jesus again told them to

pick up stones. Due to

what happened the

previous day, Judas

decided to pick a sack

full of it. Jesus seeing

what Judas had done

told the disciples to carry

what they had taken to

Jerusalem that man shall not live by bread alone

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