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Mpata gets married, and on his wedding night calls his father to get some tips on what to do since he had never been with a woman before. Mpata asks his father, �So what do I do first?" His father replied and said: �Take her clothes off and lay her on the bed�

5 minutes later Mpata is on the phone again. �She is naked and in bed what do I do now?" His father can't believe what he is hearing, �Take your damn clothes off and get into bed with her.�

After another 5 minutes Mpata is on the phone again. �Dad, I'm naked and in bed with her, what do I do now?" His father's patience is now running out so he says, �Shitson, do I have to spell everything out to you? Just put the hardest thing on yourbody where she pees. Good night!!!!

Just when his father starts snoring, Mpata is on the phone again. �OK Dad, I havemy head in the toilet bowl what do I do now?� Father replies, �Drown yourself, youbloody idiot!

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