Boko Haram Leader Says He Got Engaged With 2 Chibok Girls

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Boko Haram kingpin Hassan Ali

reportedly arrested by Borno

State vigilantes said the he was

engaged to two of the

kidnapped Chibok girls.

According to Leadership, Ali was

discovered and detained on the

Damaturu-Maiduguri highway by

the Vigilante Group of Nigeria

(VGN) as he was trying to leave

Maiduguri for Benisheik.

It happened 3 weeks ago when

vigilantes mobilized groups to be

given permission to go to

Sambisa forest for the girls.

When they spotted Ali and asked

him to identify himself, the man

pretended to be dumb, but "it

was when he sensed death that

he later confessed that he was a

member of Boko Haram, and that

he was sent to come to

Maiduguri to buy yams worth

N200, 000. He said he had

finished his transaction and the

truck had since left for Sambisa."

When asked about the abducted

female students, Ali said they

were neither hurt nor molested,

fed well with canned food mostly.

The alleged Boko Haram leader

said that he, as Amir, was

engaged to 2 school girls

The vigilante, who narrated the

story, claimed he was among

those interviewing him and said

they handed Ali to Civilian-JTF

officials later.

Leadership correspondent

referred to numerous Civilian-JTF

members in state, who verified

the fact of the incident when

questioned, however nobody

could provide details on Ali's

location at the current moment.

Female students abducted by

Boko Haram group in Chibok,

Borno State, have been missing

for almost a month and a half. In

the video released by the sect

leader Abubakar Shekau, the

terrorist number claimed the

victims had been converted to

Islam and said he would sell

them at the market.

Some days ago, the Nigerian

military stated that they had

detected the whereabouts of the

girls, adding they won't "go with

force" in order not to hurt the


The rescue operation is currently

in process, according to the




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