A seven Years Old Girl Reveals Popular Nigerian Pastors Who Will Goto Hell Fire

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According to Punch, Seven year old

Iretioluwa is like every other children, but

what makes her different is her spiritual

proclamations, which makes her an extra-

human being. When Punch was invited by

her parents saying “our daughter wants

you”. It was like a call not too clear. But upon

enquiry made by the editor of Punch, it was

discovered that it was not just a call but a

diving call that requires a diving response.

Ireti-Oluwa has become a friend of Jesus

Christ upon whom she resides and proclaim

messages for the world.

“Most times Jesus Christ appears to her and

tells her lots of things especially hidden things

which He (Jesus) wants us to know” declares

the mother.

“But the most shocking of all she has been

told is about men of God whom we

reverence in this country and she told us to

look for a Christian newspaper. In fact, she

wrote the name of your magazine and we

started looking for it” – the father cuts in.

We were ushered into the spacious living

room of the Ifedayos when Iretioluwa was

taking her breakfast. We waited for her to

finish and we settled down for the business

of the day.

Iretioluwa, a primary three pupil was so bold

as she declared what she said was told her

by Jesus Christ.

According to her, my Lord and saviour said i

should declare to Pastor Adeboye of the

Redeemed Christian Church of God that he

cannot make heaven. Though he started very

well in spite of his works, he has

compromised. “He has missed me a long

time ago. I am only honouring my name in

his life. He no longer has a place in me. Tell

him to go back to his first love and drop

every load of compromise he is carrying.

“Tell David Oyedepo that his hands are soiled

with human blood. His name is not in the

book of life. He has missed it a long time ago.

Tell him what will profit him if he gains the

whole world and end in Hell fire.

David Olukoya of Mountain of fire and

miracles is encouraging evil and doesn’t want

to repent. Tell him to stop living a double life.

He knows the stones in his hands, tell him to

drop them if he MUST enter heaven, he has

to live a complete life of holiness.

Ayo Oritsejafor is not my servant. He has

gone astray in the pursuit of fame, power,

money. Warning to repent before he ends

where his boss his.

T.B. Joshua is an advocate of Satan in Nigeria,

he has sold his soul to the devil and he

knows hell is awaiting him.

Christ Oyakhilome made a vow to Satan and

he has succeeded to win souls for Satan. He

is the front runner of the new age teachings

in the world.

Many pastors that hoist flags of different

churches know why they are doing so.

Beware of such gathering.

Evil altar has reached an alarming rate in


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