EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Photos Show The Nokia EOS From Every Angle

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The Nokia EOS is certainly one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones correct now, but so far the Finns have managed to haged a tight lid on it. All we've seen so far are a few photos of the smartphone's panels that don't really give a remarkable concept of its design and dimension.

Well the guessing may stop now, thanks to a bunch of live photos, sent to us by one of our readers. Those show the upcoming smartphone from every possible angle, revealing its design and confirming its PureView sensor and xenon flash.

Nokia EOS front panel

The labels around the capturing camera lens have been concealed, so we can't be certain about the resolution of the Nokia EOS sensor, but the sheer size of the capturing camera module seems to confirm those earlier 41MP rumors. Besides, it would create much more sense if Nokia used the 808 PureView sensor, which is yet to be beaten in the cameraphone game than develop a recent one from scratch.

Nokia EOS rear side

There's no way for us to verify the authenticity of these images, but they certainly see like the real thing. Besides, they match the leak from earlier today perfectly, and given that they were sent to us just a couple of hours after that tale broke out, it's extremely unlikely that it's simply a matter of someone creating a fake 3D model based on the first images.

Nokia EOS sides and top

Unfortunately, we don't have any confirmation on the rest of the Nokia EOS specs at this stage, but we'll haged an ear on the ground for more info and we'll haged you updated.

UPDATE: Thanks to WPCentral, we spotted these two photos, which have been leaked a couple of hours ago. They are still hot and show the Nokia EOS in much better light (literally!). If anything, at least they confirm the previous mugshots we received as legit. Their source is a newly registered Twitter account, which goes by the name of ViziLeaks.

Newly leaked Nokia EOS images

Special thanks to our anonymous tipster!



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