Amazon's Smartphone May Be Announced In June

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When Amazon got into hardware production, they started it with a unique business model: offer products for bottom-dollar prices, even if it costs the company money initially, and then turn a profit from the content that you sell.

It's been working well for the online retailing mega-giant so far, and it looks like they will continue their momentum with their very own Amazon smartphone.

There's been some talk about the Amazon phone for a while, but recent reports from the Wall Street Journal indicate that the company plans to create an official announcement by this June and start shipping out the phone to customers in September.

Amazon has allegedly shown off some prototypes of the device. Features wise, the Amazon smartphone may be 3D capable (without the need for glasses) by using a patented, retina-following tech that utilizes four front-facing cameras to trick users into thinking they are seeing a hologram-esque image. Pretty cool stuff, if it works as well as it sounds.

There aren't that many other details known about the Amazon phone, but don't expect it to be locked to any one carrier. Given Amazon's track record, they will most likely offer the smartphone at a discounted price, but it's hard to imagine that they'll be able to sell it for too cheap, if the “hologram tech” is to be included in the final product.

It's also worth mentioning that September is also around the same time that Apple will be releasing its next iPhone. Do you think Amazon has what it takes to create an impact in the smartphone game? They've been doing pretty well for themselves in the tablet market so far, so why not phones?

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