Samsung Galaxy S II And Galaxy Ace Ban Upheld In Netherlands

By 02:17 Tue, 20 Jul 2021 Comments

A Dutch Appeals Court has upheld the sales ban ordered by a lower Dutch court in the far 2011, which banned the sales of Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace in the Netherlands on grounds that they infringed on Apple patents.

Upholding the sales ban means that both devices are still forbidden from selling despite the appeal. However both smartphones are now three years recent so this isn't likely to result in a serious financial blow to Samsung in Europe.

Samsung has recently suffered another blow, being ordered to pay Apple $119.6 million in damages due to infringing on two patents. The legal feud is unlikely to cease soon.

Google made fine with Apple recently and both companies agreed to dismiss all ongoing lawsuits, which many took as a sign of a serious halt.

Recently, the European Union took steps to reduce patent wars by ruling that smartphone and tablet makers could no longer seek injunctions against rivals they had signed patent licensing agreements with. Hopefully that will assist put an discontinue to this legal madness.

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