Get An Unlimited Everything Plan For $20 In The US

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US cell provider, FreedomPop, promised to give free cell phone utilize to anyone with a compatible cell phone, however, there was a catch: you could only utilize 200 minutes a month, 500 texts, and a paltry 500Mega Bytes (MB) of data. Then, you’d acquire charged an additional 1 cent per minute of calls and 2.5 cents per megabyte of data that you used.

Well, FreedomPop is allowing users to bypass all of that with their recent $20 Unlimited Everything plan with LTE data. Sounds like a remarkable deal, but there are a few things you need to consider.

First, it’s on Sprint’s network, which isn’t known for its overwhelmingly broad coverage or particularly quick data speeds. Also, you’ll be getting only 1GB of LTE data, after you burn through that, you will have unlimited data, but it will be relegated to Sprint’s 3G speeds. You will acquire unlimited text and talk for $20, which is still a pretty fine deal.

Also, there are only four phones on FreedomPop’s network that are LTE compatible: The Galaxy S4, SIII, the Samsung Victory 4G LTE, and the iPhone 5.

Not exactly on the forefront of mobile technology.

Still, it is a pretty fine option for someone who doesn’t utilize that much data and stays in an area where Sprint’s network is strong.

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