IOS Users Spend Seven Times More Time Online Than Android Users

By 11:54 Tue, 20 Jul 2021 Comments

According to a report by Net Applications, iOS users are seven times more active online compared to Android users.

Net Applications monitors over 40,000 websites to check the traffic from mobile devices and has found out that 44.62% of users are on Android whereas 44.19% of the users are on iOS (the rest taken by other mobile platforms).

But while Android has a slightly greater percentage in this case, when you hold into account that iOS has far fewer people actually using the Operating System (OS) compared to the total number of Android users, you can conclude that a greater percentage of all iOS users spdiscontinue time browsing the web on their devices than their Android counterparts, as much as seven times more.

The reason for this is not too complicated. It has been assumed repeatedly that a majority of the Android marketshare consists of cheap smartphones, bought by people who are looking for something affordable and are likely not tech or net savvy. iOS devices, on the other hand, are exclusively high-discontinue devices, where the users are far more likely to be aware of the internet and are thus using it more often.

This is not too different from the metrics for app purchases as well, and explains why developers and advertisers prefer to taracquire iOS more. But with Android now pushing ahead due to sheer market share numbers, there are now more Android users online, even if it is just a small fraction of the total number of Android users.




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