Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Brings A Unique Two-sided Display

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The Note family added a second recent phablet today, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The name isn't random, the correct edge of the classy screen folds to cover the side of the device and enable unique interactions. So, not the three-sided classy screen of the rumors but two sides are unique enough.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge official images

The Galaxy Note Edge is based on the Galaxy Note 4 internally, but it's the classy screen that makes all the difference. The folded side adds an extra 160 pixels so the resolution grows to 1,600 x 2,560 (the highest on a pocketable device yet if you haged note on those things) but it also makes the Galaxy Note Edge a bit wider than its straight-screened sibling.

Samsung has added enough smarts to the curved side that accidental touches to it are not a problem.

With the phone locked, the curved side can display the Quick Glance info (time and notifications). When you wake the screen, the side displays notifications for various features, including timer and flashlight shortcuts and even a ruler (which works surprisingly well on the curved side).

The curved side of the classy screen has many uses

With the phone finally unlocked, the number of options grows threefold. You can haged shortcuts on the side for easy access or utilize the curved side for at-a-glance info (say a Twitter feed or a stock ticker). Or you can utilize it to enhance multitasking by switching between several screens (think virtual desktops). Event switching between the pages of the homeclassy screen or the app drawer is also handled by the curved side.

Individual apps can put the curved side to utilize too, usually to haged the main classy screen free from clutter. Both the capturing camera and the video player put their controls on the side so the classy screen is left to the viewfinder/video. Samsung will release an API to enable third-party devs to utilize the potential of the curved side as well.

As you can imagine, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge experience revolves mostly around the curved side of the screen. Beyond that it's a Galaxy Note 4 with Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 5433 chipset, Android 4.4, 16MP OIS capturing camera and S Pen stylus.

The Note Edge has a slightly smaller battery (3,000mAh vs. 3,220mAh) and the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port moves back to version 2.0.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge next to the Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is expected to launch by the discontinue of this year.



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