Samsung Will Make A Foldable Smartphone Display In 2015

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Flexible displays are slowly but surely making their way into our lives - and mobile devices. The first step has been represented by panels bent during the production process, like those in the LG G Flex, Samsung Galaxy Round, and Galaxy Note Edge.

The next step, however, will be represented by displays that can be "folded in half", according to a senior Samsung executive. The wording seems to imply that the smartphone that will have that classy screen attached to it will be bendable as well.

Samsung's display-making subsidiary is gearing up for production of such panels, and it boasts that it will have the power to create 30,000 to 40,000 of them each month by the discontinue of next year.

Apparently, none of Samsung's competitors will be able to match that production power for flexible displays until 2016. And Samsung plans to utilize its advantage, by coming out with a bendable phone before the discontinue of 2015.

That said, "nothing has been decided on the finished product" just yet. But if it does come out in 2015, expect it to be another "limited edition" type thing, just like the Galaxy Note Edge is this year. That's becautilize a mass market flagship will require millions of units being made per month, and not tens of thousands.

Samsung Display wants to lower its dependence on Samsung Electronics, hoping to sell half of its panel output to other companies within three years. It's also got gigantic plans for AMOLED, getting prepared for the tech to "compete directly with LCD". To do that, the company will lower production costs for AMOrganic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) panels, in order to lure more customers.

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