Xavier Wulf - Crash Landing

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VIDEO: Xavier Wulf - Crash Landing

[Intro: oldmansteve]

Xavier Wulf, Bones, we are all counting on you

[Verse 1: Xavier Wulf]

I hopped out the ship with the woods lit

You tryna' get a hit you can forget about it

Fall winter spring summer run it back

I'ma smoke it down until I'm through with that

I'm sitting candy coated collar see the color hue

As soon as I pull up she say I fuck with you

And right before I pull off she say what's up with you

Baby I'ma tell ya best as I can fucking do

I'ma switch a new shawty every blue moon

New moon same color as my new room

No L O V baby all I do is doom

Told her hop off my shit I'm finna face a few

[Hook: Xavier Wulf & Bones]

Hopped out the ship with the woods lit

Hit the ground now we running through the jungle with it

Hopped out the ship with the woods lit

I'm smoking seven different flavors in my wood bitch

Hopped out the ship with the woods lit

I pop a candy coated collar see the color switch

Hopped out the ship with the woods lit

And you can see it in my eyes I ain't passing it

[Bridge: oldmansteve]

Now, you boys aren't from around here, are you?

Walk with caution on these grounds

[Verse 2: Bones]


HollowSESH legend that razor it be the weapon

Let it sleep in poison, one touch and you now infected

Rise from the wreckage and bring em the unexpected

Off the hook like Jimmy I break the record, no special

They tryna' scream like they metal

They tryna' flow like they rappin'

They doin' neither while we doin' anything we imagine

We became legends at a time when we was broke in the alley

Was smoking blunts of trash living in the garage back at Elliott's


[Outro: oldmansteve, Xavier Wulf and Bones]

Thank you, Hollowish Warriors, you have saved our land

Uh, sure

It's HollowSESH. But no problem, my man

Download And Enjoy...

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