Barry Mayne - #WTBI [Who The Best Is]

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I need a prescription…

I gat an addiction

SCMG forever

so official.

Take me out of hell if heaven exist;

Apprehend me for this track murder and I

Wont resist…

Yo! Badman, tell ‘ em

Killin ‘ em beat is not a problem

Sorry if you got cheap speakers,

Another rapper dead,

The geeks layout …

Fake handshakes, gory smiles of hate

I told you rap n*ggaz I decide your fate

Hatin on this n*gga only complicate

Its perllucid Im ‘ur tutor but you never appreciate

Mr. Impede on ‘ur future with this track I aced

Pee on you bastards till you beg for grace

Im that kid with more style than this day

Alien space

Barry Mayne is the name, Im the skinny biggie

Fresh boy from J but he a threat to Gidi

Hannun baiwa ya na de shi a jini

Idan ba su sanni ba dole su sanni

Murder is the case when he comes around sue me

Now behind bars charged for lyrical crimes free me

So far gone you need binoculars to see me

This is not a track saying Mr. Mayne you did it

You the sh*t boy you exactly what we need

F*ckin with this n*gga is ‘Haram boko

I own the area like the government do no harm local

Spittin truth in the buff on a Mic with no cord vocal

Banks on the limit you cant stop the flow warm

1994, you wanna go Rwanda

Then I might need a gun… pah! Pah!!now you might need to run

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