Zeuz x Rapkid x Amazing - Official Voice Of Naija Theme Song

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Life is not just about the voice you make, what matters is if it is been heard by the masses. The strives and struggles of people in Nigeria has become a day-to-day activity and there havent been any sign of end to it. Each day, so many Nigerians suffer and struggle just to get their daily bread, and upon all this, no one wants to help.

Yes! People are talented, and has given all their best to what they can offer, but their voices are not heard in the sense that fellow ‘opportune Nigerians dont give ear (attention) to people with talents for sponsorship and promotion.

Another aspect is that of the government and the masses. The government has continuously refused to listen to what its citizens are saying and has also refused to do things the way they ought to be done for the betterment of every citizen in the country. Its covered with corruption.

These among others is what made us to create this platform known as “The Voice of Naija”, an online website which can be assessed with either www.voice.ng OR www.voiceofnaija.net ‎ where Nigerian citizens can share in there voices and tweets for admin to publicise as an article and forwarded to the public and government for their views.

At Voice.ng, we want to create a nation that peoples voices can be heard and one where understanding would be the norm too. We speak not for ourselves but for those without voice, those who have fought for their rights; their right to live in peace, their right to be treated with dignity, their right to equality of opportunity and their right to be educated.

This is the official theme song for “Voice Of Naija”, it explains the struggles and things Nigerians are facing that needs a hearing audience. It features Zeuz, RapKid and a female rapper, Amazing. Its a ‘must listen song that you cant afford to miss. Download it and Enjoy. Voice.ng has come to stay and peoples voices will soon be heard.

Speak, Listen and Act!

Download And Enjoy...

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