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Hey Guys, Bill here. You know Anacondas are considered to be the largest snake in the world by weight. They can weigh up to 400 Lbs. and grow to 25 feet in length.

Anacondas make their home in the jungles of South America. And love slow moving rivers... But as cities expand and people move into the Anaconda's habitat as they are here in Brazil, these Giant snakes can end up in people's homes.

This where the men and women of the BPA come in. They're a militarized police force who focus on protecting the environment and keeping Brazil's wildlife where it belongs - in the wild.

Today, 10 year BPA veteran Lt. Gilmar and 2 fellow soldiers are responding to call from a frightened homeowner who found a Anaconda in his garden...

Lt. Gilmar and his team find the Anaconda hiding behind a unused gate leaning against a wall. In an interview, Gilmar told us the snake looked like it was 5 Meters long (or about 16 feet). She was very aggressive for a couple of reasons. One was that she was stressed by them trying to capture here. The other was that it was raining. Anacondas feel more confident around water. When they are wet, they feel like they can take on the world.

Unable to bag the anaconda snake, the soldiers decide to move it into a more open area. Lt. Gilmar's fellow soldier CB Crisanto uses a bag to distract the huge snake. He was taught to do this in the training classes he attended. Despite this, Crisanto says he remains fearful of all anacondas because they are always unpredictable.

The Anaconda puts up a good fight, but in the end it is overcome by the soldiers. Crisanto, knowing that Anacondas focus most of their senses forward, get behind the snakes head and hopes to catch it off guard. With a lunge, he gabs the snake by the head. Then, with the help of the other men, they are finally able to get it into a bag.

The BPA are called to rescue hundreds of Anacondas every year and most of them come from areas that are on the edge of the jungle....

Once caught, they take the snake back to their headquarters to get measured and examined by the veterinarian.

If it is determined to be healthy enough, it is turned over to another unit whose job is to return the snake back to the wild.

This snake was lucky but there are many others that get injured or killed before the BPA can reach them. According to Lt. Gilmar, the BPA goes to great lengths to educate the public about the environment. They urge people not to touch wild animals, and always keep their distance. After all, these tense encounters are not because of the wild animals moving into to wear the people live. It is the people who are moving into where the animal's habitat.

Much thanks to the Batãlho de Polícia Ambiental do Belem, Para - Brasil for their cooperation in the making of these videos.

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